Commercial Vehicle Repairer and Dealer

Commercial vehicle repairer and dealer workshops are one of the biggest energy userse amongst the automotive industry with lighting, heating ventilation and air conditioning, and the air compressor being the major contributors. An audit of commercial vehicle repairers and dealers identigied that an average commercial vehicle dealer and repairer uses 199,063 kWh of electricity a year. That is an average cost of $34,227, significantly more than the industry’s average.


There are many energy saving opportunities that can be made, which could potentially save businesses hundreds of dollars in electricity bills.


Quick tips to manage your major energy contributors:


  • Install timers or sensors on your lighting
  • Regularly clean skylights
  • Display signs to remind workers to switch off the lights



  • Reset your thermostats
  • Program HVAC controllers to match operating hours
  • Draught proof doors and windows



  • Ensure regular maintenance and check for leaks
  • Purchase an air compressor that is the right size for your business needs
  • Turn the air compressor off when not required or install a timed switch


To access the commercial vehicle repairer and dealer fact sheet for more inforamtion and recommendations click here.